Our Team

  • Alexey Kiryachkov
    Managing partner

    I have been working in the field of personnel search and selection for 15 years. I love to close difficult positions, train and develop a team of recruiters. In general, for me, recruitment is both a job and a hobby, so there are no unclosed positions / vacancies for our company.

  • Olga Krivosh
    Partner, Head of IT Recruitment Practice

    Hi!) I am a Partner, Head of IT Recruitment Practice. My experience started 4 years ago. I completely delved into the knowledge of what IT is, who are programmers, types of technologies / stacks. For me, this topic was completely new, but over time it became very interesting. During 4 years of experience, I have been searching for various vacancies and candidates. In general, I can say that IT recruitment is very versatile and so interesting! If you are still in doubt, then I say - do not hesitate! Go ahead and try it! And you will not regret it!

  • Vita Dubchak
    Partner, Head of Career coaching Practice

    Most people do not know what they would like to do, cannot move up the career ladder, because they do not see such opportunities for themselves, cannot find a job that will bring pleasure, money and benefit the world. My task is to help to understand and overcome fears and doubts along the way, to find hidden resources in order to successfully realize your professional career opportunities.

  • Bogdan Samotey
    Partner, Head of Interim Management Practice

    I have been working in the agricultural sector for more than 20 years. I specialize in agronomy, manufacturing and commerce. We can provide advice both to beginners and professional farmers.

  • Irina Demchenko
    Partner, Head of Executive recruitment practice at Agro

    Agribusiness is an evolutionary reality of Ukraine. This sphere is one of the most economically significant and promising. For more than 10 years, my work in recruitment has been related to the agricultural sector and the projects I have completed are the distribution of agricultural chemistry and seed material with a branch structure on a national scale, recruitment of top executive personnel for crop production, grain trading, elevator direction, financial, logistics, land, dispatching, marketing and IT services.

  • Elena Bykhovets
    Marketing manager

    I like to open job ads to the market. It is not enough to create it. It is important to discover and to understand it, also to promote and only in this way companies will find best talents quickly.

  • Maria Kalitka
    IT recruiter

    When I started working in IT recruitment, I did not know anything about this business. Thanks to our Team Lead, after some time, I began easily understand all technologies and speak the same language with applicants. I can also say that I have become more psychologically stable. Because in this profession there is a very wide range of emotional experiences. But I am sure that if there is a desire and perseverance, then everything will definitely work out!

  • Tatiana Kovalenko
    IT sourcer

    I'm mad about communicating with people, so I enjoy IT recruiting. I am glad for every connection with the candidate. I used to help people learn programming, now I help them find their dream job. I work with vacancies QA Automation, QA Manual etc

  • Anastasiya Strigun
    IT sourcer

    I am very glad to find myself in the field of IT recruiting. It helps to learn new information and delve into this process, because knowledge is our strength. I love connecting with people and helping them find their dream job. Easily trained, I like to see new opportunities, develop, and I think that there are many advantages in IT recruiting where the main thing is always a desire to acquire more new skills!

  • Elena Kniukh
    IT sourcer

    I am very glad that I found my place in IT recruitment. This is exactly the kind of work that brings me satisfaction. How it is important to work in a sphere you like! And it is very important that I can apply my hard and soft skills here. Connecting with people and helping them find a job is exactly what makes me happy. I hope to be useful to many of our candidates in order to find the best suitable offer for them, which will give them development in the profession and the opportunity to get the desired results. Good luck to all!

  • Yana Khimich
    Sales Manager

    In my opinion sales manager job gives a person the greatest opportunities - both in terms of remuneration and growth in the company. A person who is working in sales clearly understands what the client needs. My work in IT recruitment allows me to use my qualities such as responsibility, focus on results, ability to work in a team. And that's what I like about it!

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