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About Career coaching


I have devoted many years to work as a career trainer/coach, and I noticed that the best results in education are shown by the most interested people who realize the importance of professional growth. To give the knowledge of the ways how to grow it is not the task of mr. employer. It is first of all the task of Employee. Because understanding your motives, which stem from values, goals and objectives – the basis for the success of the path to a successful career. Personnel development is the work of the personnel themselves, however, most people, even in adulthood, do not know what they would like to do, cannot move up the career ladder, because they do not see such opportunities for themselves, cannot find a job that will bring pleasure, money and benefit the world. My task is to help people to understand and overcome fears and doubts along the way, to find resources in order to successfully realize a professional career.

Vita Dubchak
Partner, Head of Career coaching

career coaching program

For whom is this program:
  • for employees who need career guidance
  • for employees who are looking for an employer of their dream
  • for those who want to change industry or field of activity
  • for those who are in the process of career rehabilitation
  • for those who are planning successful career
What this program will allow:
  • understand your values and motives
  • understand your key motivation for professional success
  • outline a strategy and set goals in career development
  • define adequately your value for employing companies
  • understand your professional value in the labor market
  • make a presentation of a personal professional brand
  • create a resume that will help you find your dream job in the best way
  • prepare for job negotiations


  • determination of the candidate’s motivation profile
  • work with clients 50+
  • defining strategic goals based on values
  • formation of a career development strategy
  • defining a career building model
  • career development plan
  • determination of the candidate’s motivation profile
  • defining the profile and list of companies that are attractive as an employer
  • filling out a brief containing work experience, skills and achievements in work
  • work with the competency profile of the applicant in accordance with the desired position
  • deep assessment of professional qualities
  • assessment of behavior patterns
  • assessment of the candidate’s potential
  • recommendations for correcting behavior patterns
  • presentation of the candidate’s experience in terms of value for the employer
  • presentation of the achievements and potential of the candidate
  • analysis report
  • recommendations
  • individual support for the implementation of a career plan
  • the total time of the program implementation is from 1 to 5 months
  • the total cost of the service is from $ 1,000 to $ 2,000
  • payment is divided into several stages
How can we help you?

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We contacted Kiryachkov & Partners for a technical interview service. Experience we had here showed us a deep understanding of IT expertise; opinions of our company’s colleagues and the data from K&P’s interviewer were the same and this gives us the opportunity to make the right management decisions.

Katerina Kovalenko
Product Manager, Binotel LLC
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