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what is executive search for us?

Executive recruitment company Kiryachkov & Partners is focused on providing search and selection of top managers to Ukrainian and international agribusiness and production companies. The search for management personnel for us has been one of the main areas of activity for more than five years, and we provide only highly qualified applicants.

From our own experience, we have made sure that the achievement of success in the search largely depends on the quality of cooperation. Id est on the mutual understanding among all four obligatory participants  of any recruiting process – “Customer – Recruiter – Applicant – Reference’s giver”. Also depends on the adherence to the sequential stages of the search, starting from the preparation of job description of the project for the search for personnel and to the last day of the probationary period of the hired candidate in the company of our Customer.

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  • we find a candidate with a unique and rare expertise
  • we find the best management experience
  • we reach agreement on all points of the job offer with all parties of the recruitment process
  • adhere to strict confidentiality in the search
  • classification of organizational needs and their conversion to search requirements
  • signing of the contract
  • prepayment
  • survey of experts of the business in which the search takes place (Refer list)
  • determination of the list of enterprises (Target list) in which potential candidates are highly likely to work
  • forming a list of candidates (Long list)
  • establishing contact with potential candidates, clarifying their qualifications and possible interest to the vacancy
  • interviews at Kiryachkov & Partners’ office
  • checking recommendations
  • determining the final candidates and forming a list of candidates (Short list)
  • providing a summary and a detailed report with the comments of the consultant for each applicant
  • organization of the 1st interview of the Candidate with the Customer
  • preparing of the candidate for an interview
  • preparing the customer for the interview
  • conducting the 1st interview “Candidate-Recruiter-Customer”
  • candidate’s debriefing
  • customer’s debriefing
  • conducting the 2nd interview “Candidate-Recruiter-Customer”
  • candidate’s debriefing
  • customer’s debriefing
  • conducting the 3rd interview “Candidate-Recruiter-Customer”
  • candidate’s debriefing
  • customer’s debriefing
  • selection of the final candidate
  • signing of Job offer with the final candidate
  • support of the final Candidate during resignation period
  • support of the candidate’s exit to work to a Customer’s company
  • support of the Candidate during the probation period
  • Job done & new job order!
  • crop production, livestock and poultry farms
  • tractor and agricultural engineering
  • plant protection, seeds, fertilizers
  • ports, shipping
  • elevators, warehouses, logistics
  • construction in the agricultural sector
  • GPS and autonomous irrigation systems
  • food production and processing
  • non-food production
  • trading of grain and oil and fat products
  • retail and wholesale
  • agro associations, mass media, consulting
  • each search and selection process has 12 consecutive steps
  • more than 70,000 profiles in the database
  • filling of application usually based on several summaries of potential candidates
  • direct search of the target applicant
  • overcoming rebbutalls of a potential candidate founded by direct search
  • maintaining an online report for the Customer
  • confidentiality of any commercial information
  • prevention of external and internal counter-offers
  • presentation of candidates who really have required experience and ready to join our Customer’s business
  • constant feedback to all participants of recruitment process
  • following Off-Limits agreements
  • mandatory guarantee replacement and compliance with all terms of service
  • prepayment – 25% of the fee
  • the second payment is equal to 25% of the annual salary of the hired candidate (gross / nett) and is paid by the Customer after signing an employment or civil law contract with a successful candidate.


Correctly composed competencies are 50% of success


days for Refer List


days for Long List


days for Target List


days for Short List
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Alexey’s excellent work is worthy of applause! Only quality candidates with 99.9% of the employer’s requirements! But not even this is the most important thing: 24 hours a day in touch and ready to answer questions, provide information. Unlike many other recruiters, it does not convince you that this is your candidate but patiently listens to the client and continues to work with the same fuse!
It’s nice to work with you, Alex. From now on, we are your client.

Nina Peresunko
HR Department Chief, Eurogold Industries ltd
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