Interim management

What tasks can be solved using the IM service of our company?
  • professional assistance to a company that is being at the stage of registration, bankruptcy, reorganization, issue of shares or active interaction with licensing authorities
  • temporary replacement of executive managers, directors or supplement to a management team that was temporarily formed in order to develop and launch a specific project/product
  • training of personnel by special technical skills, specific narrow-profile knowledge in the field of agronomy, commercial activities
  • maintaining a specific solution which helps to reduce the costs
  • a fresh look at/decision of tasks of the company
  • the interim manager is out of intrigue, and his goal is to find the right solution
  • distribution of plant protection products, fertilizers and seeds
  • offsite consultations, trainings, agronomic events
  • management of projects and directions in crop production
  • start-up of an agricultural enterprise
  • marketing research of the agro market
  • budgeting of all agricultural processes: lending, investments in crop production

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Kiryachkov & Partners provided our company with the Interim management service. Consultations were carried out in the fields of agronomy, grain trading, legal, financial and economic activities of the company.

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