– exclusive recruitment training/education with the focus on a direct search techniques and divided into three blocks:

  • Recruiter’s Start – this block deals with the rules of the recruiting business game. Information will give an understanding of relationships among all parties, and the junior recruiter will avoid many of the initial mistakes, achieving the required results faster.
  • Executive search – the study of this block increases the effectiveness of the recruiter at times. He localizes his candidate faster, overcomes the candidate’s objections better, and understands him better.
  • Headhunter – this block is aimed to building relationships with candidates, forming your own network, and most importantly, it helps to understand who the Customer is. Namely – what the Customer needs, what are his most important requirements for your work. And what to do if the search at the initial stages does not give a result.

After all three blocks, you will understand:

  • how to correctly combine the required experience with the desired working conditions
  • how to make properly cross-sell activities “Customer-Recruiter-Candidate”
  • how and when your Customer could be a Candidate and vice versa

Thematic structure of blocks

  • recruiting business’s game rules
  • who is a recruiter
  • key stages of a recruiter’s work
  • recruiter’s time schedule
  • circulation of candidates in nature)
  • on-line and off-line resources for searching candidates
  • 12 characteristics of the ideal candidate
  • acquaintance with the customer’s company
  • the most common reasons for looking for a job and how to identify the real reason
  • recruiter’s work standards
  • what should alert the recruiter
  • how to write a job description \ script for an applicant
  • why the very first call to a candidate is always important
  • types of legends and how to use them for searching
  • description and compilation of the first call
  • types of candidate rebuttals and ways to overcome them
  • preparation and debriefing of the candidate
  • what a recruiter should definitely find out during a phone call
  • three-side interview – why it is important
  • assessment of the applicant’s experience based on case & competence (CARE + ER) interview
  • interviewing an applicant
  • identification of the manager
  • sales manager identification
  • presentation of the applicant’s experience to the Customer
  • preparation and debriefing of the Customer
  • test that helps the applicant in choosing a Job offer – employment agreement
  • the most common reasons for the failure of a Job offer
  • prevention of internal and external counter-offers
  • drawing up and signing a Job offer

During our activity, we have trained already more than 30 recruiters both for our company and for external customers.

Price for 1 block
  • time – 2 weeks
  • practice – every day
  • location – K&P office
  • support and answers to additional questions – no limits
  • an internship in our company is possible with further recommendation to our Clients
Price for 1 block for 1 recruiter
  • time – 2 weeks
  • practice – every day
  • location – K&P office
  • support and answers to additional questions – no limits
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We contacted Kiryachkov & Partners for a technical interview service. Experience we had here showed us a deep understanding of IT expertise; opinions of our company’s colleagues and the data from K&P’s interviewer were the same and this gives us the opportunity to make the right management decisions.

Katerina Kovalenko
Product Manager, Binotel LLC
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